Tips and tricks on how to beat a cold – part 2

Hi all, if you read my previous post, you can see some tips to make your life easier during the common cold season. This post will be more dedicated to beauty tips you can use, to make you feel more confident and comfortable.

1 - Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
I mentioned previously that our body loses a lot of water, so drinking it is important. But also moisturising plays a key part on making yourself feel better. If you want to skip makeup, feel free. But please always apply your moisturiser, day and night. This is what I'm currently using:
Day cream - Nº 7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream
I really like this moisturiser, it has SPF 15 and it's hypo-allergenic. It has a very rich consistency, and you feel your skin instantly hydrated. 
Night cream - Nivea Pure & Natural Regeneratig Night Cream
This is a cream made of 95% of natural ingredients, and it really suits my combination skin, since it's not too oily, but rich enough to make my skin feel comfortable after that tightness sensation that you might get when you wash it.

2 - Red and runny nose
I believe everyone experiences the red and runny nose when a cold comes. I have a little tip for you to cover it up (or at least, improve the appearance). Personally, I use Sudocream and I think it does wonders. Firstly, it's a cream very rich in zinc which has very strong healing properties, and secondly, you'll feel immediately relieved when you apply it. So, during the day, I tend to apply a very thin layer until it gets absorbed, and then at night, I just apply it freely and go to bed with it.

3 - Chapped lips
When your lips are chapped, there's nothing better than exfoliate them, to get rid of all that dead skin. After that, apply your favourite lip balm several times a day. At the moment, I'm using Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn (yum), and then I either apply Lanolips (which I love), or Actibalm, which is made of 100% medically grade manuka honey, great by it's healing properties as well.

4 - Makeup
I believe you should go easy on foundation, chose a light consistency one with moisturising properties, and apply it lightly, just concentrate on the areas you need most. I would opt for a bright lipgloss instead of lipstick (avoid pale colours), just because lipgloss goes easy on the lips, and can smooth any unevenness that you might have, caused by dehydration. Your eyes will be probably slightly redder, so I would avoid any eyeliner or anything that could cause irritation. I would probably chose a neutral shade cream eyeshadow, with a coat of mascara carefully applied on the top lashes.

Monica, is there anything I can do to prevent a cold?

Although the answer is yes, it’s very complicated to prevent it, especially if you live with someone that is infected with the virus, since the actions don’t come from you. It’s so easy to catch it, here’s how it works: someone coughs or sneezes into their hand, they touch something (like a keyboard, a mug, a door knob, etc.), you touch that object within a couple of hours, you touch your nose or mouth, and voilà! It’s that easy. You can prevent it with very regular hands wash, or the use alcohol-gel if you come across someone contaminated.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

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  1. I agree, moisturizing is like a code word for beating the cold. Thanks for the post.


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